Always, Everywhere God Is Present, And Always He Seeks To Discover Himself To Each One

God is a very present help in the time of trouble! You never have to wonder where God is. He is as close as the air you breathe. Call on Him and let Him fight your battles

Know that God is listening to your prayers. Even when you feel like your prayers are hitting the ceiling, know that He is faithful and He longs to hear you call on His Name. He is as close as the air you breathe!

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about? Have you ever wondered what’s on His mind? It says in the Psalms that God is mindful of us—His creation. That means God is constantly thinking about you!

I want you to remember today that you matter to God, and every detail of your life matters to Him.

You are significant, and your life is significant. When you believe God, you position yourself for a miracle. When you declare His Word, you open the door to His power in your life.

Today, if you are having a hard time believing what God has promised will come to pass, don’t empower doubt with your words. Feed your faith because God is faithful.

God is more powerful than any opposition you face. Trust Him with your dreams, plans, challenges and cares. He has a plan, and He is willing and able to fight for you!

Anytime you try to make progress in life, there will be opposition. But with God on your side, you can stand your ground. When you’re doing your best and opposition comes, thank God that He is empowering you to overcome!

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