Cool Baby Names And Meanings Inspired By Literature

What’s a name worth? Well, a lot more than we might think or even give it credit for! Why, after all, would we attach such significance to a term that we use to describe someone? Though we do. A name can help you get a promotion or pave a somewhat, but still relatively, easier path to success, according to studies. While most people consider a variety of factors when choosing a name, occasionally our passion for the arts—be it music or literature—takes precedence. And now we’re going to speak about some incredible baby names that were inspired by literature. Visit our list of top recommendations, which is listed below in no particular order.


The female variant of Charles has long been a favorite baby girl name. The name was quite common in the 18th century, and it gained popularity again with the publication of the beloved children’s book “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White. The tale is a timeless classic that appeals to both kids and adults. Carlotta, Charlie, and Lottie are some of Charlotte’s nick names.


The meaning of Olivia is disputed. However, Countess Olivia and her struggles to get Duke Orsino to fall for her are rather well documented. By the end of Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night, or What You Will, Olivia marries Sebastian. Olivia will make a lovely name for your angel. Olivia Wilde is one of the most popular namesakes.


Emma is a traditional two-syllable name that is ideal if you want a short name for your girl and is derived from the Germanic word Ermen. Emma, a book by Jane Austen published in 1815, is largely responsible for the name’s continued popularity. And we adore this adorable name. The nameake who is most well-known is Emma Watson.


Although it sounds rather old-fashioned, Gertrude is a delicate and beautiful name for any little girl. This Germanic name means strong spear. Gertrude was a popular name for quite a while, after making an appearance in Shakespeare’s critically acclaimed Hamlet.


This Latin name was reintroduced to the globe in Harper Lee’s renowned book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” We believe the name Atticus is appropriate for your young son. Additionally, if you have relatives in the Athens area, this name may also refer to your home country.


While there is nothing likable about Dr. Victor Frankenstein, his name certainly is. Mary Shelley’s classic novel made the name famous among parents. And even today, it remains an extremely popular choice among parents. Most folks want their kid to be a winner, and with a name like Victor or ‘conqueror’, who’d stop your child from winning.


A literature based names list won’t be complete without the illustrious and incredibly popular William Shakespeare. William is a delightful little name for your little one. It is a Germanic name, and means resolute protector. And, if you think William is too long a name, you can also call him Bill.


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