Dolphins rescue a terrified little dog from drowning in a Florida canal.

Dolphins are smart and love to help other animals and people! If only more people were like that!

We must have heard several tales about dolphins rescuing mariners. Let’s applaud the little dolphin for his incredible act of kindness.

Turbo, an 11-year-old Doberman, escaped from his home in Marco Island, Florida. The little dog had to try to stay afloat until a pod of dolphins noticed him.

One of the dolphins was seen nudging the exhausted dog with his nose to help keep it on the water’s surface and another dolphin was seen getting under the dolphin to help it stay afloat.

The dolphins appeared to be aware of what they needed to do to keep the dog alive and attract onlookers who could aid in the canine’s rescue from the deep ocean.

The bystanders quickly called the fire department.  The quickly arriving fireman jumped in to save the forlorn small puppy from the choppy seas where it was undoubtedly going to perish.

The firemen provided first aid and estimated that the poor little thing had been in the water for 15 long hours.

Thanks for fighting so bravely, little dog! The dog wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for those dolphins. This is a movie-based piece. a film about dolphins rescuing a puppy. One of the most gorgeous movies I’ve ever watched is this one.

Absolutely wonderful the animals are amazing. I love how these two dolphins worked in many ways to keep the dog ❤️

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