God Can Redeem Everything, Show Of Hands, If God Has Been The Redeemer Of Your Life

God Can Redeem Everything. That means that He can turn any mistake you’ve made, into a new beginning. While we may have to learn from the consequences of our actions, He is faithful to carry you through and let these moments be a refining process for the purposes over your life. His plans for you are still in effect!

Remember, God’s grace is made perfect in our weakness. We can lean on Him for wisdom and strength day by day, as many times as we need to carry us through. He is with you so you never have to walk alone.

Nothing we ever go through is in vain when God has the ability to redeem all things.

We all have different backgrounds and we’ve all gone through many trials- maybe even right now. Yet the power of sharing our testimony can give hope and life, bring connections and love, and, most importantly, can show God’s glory.

You never know how you’ll touch someone who will soon come to face the same obstacles. This is one of the most powerful way we’re enabled to share our faith: to share what God has done in our own lives, and talk about our relationship with Him.

There is nothing unredeemable by God! He is ready and waiting to redeem to our pain, our loss, our life, but as Joyce reminds, it’s not our effort that makes it possible, it’s giving it all to Him.

If you only know God as this majestic Creator of the universe, then you can be judgmental and write people off. But you need to realize, even though He sits high, He stoops low. God doesn’t disqualify people because they’re off course now. He comes down to redeem, to restore, to set them among princes.

After all Christ has done, after the incredible price He paid on the cross, it doesn’t bring Him any honor for us to go around feeling unworthy and condemned. Let’s do our part and believe that we’re forgiven, redeemed and have an everlasting release from our sins.

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