God Is Always Faithful To You, And He Will Equip You To Be Faithful, Too, He Is Your Ever-Present Help

We know God wants us to be faithful where we are. Just as He is faithful, we’re called to live well where our feet are planted—even before our situation changes.

When we talk about Christian obedience, it always comes out kind of vague. Okay, yes, obedience matters…but obey what?

Seek the Lord for strength and direction daily, but if you aren’t hearing anything specific, He probably wants you to obey Him right where you are. Just be faithful. Do the very simple yet oh-so-hard thing: faithfulness in a job, season or location you don’t like.

God is always faithful to you, and He will equip you to be faithful, too. He is your ever-present Help (Psalm 46:1).

You can trust in God; you can put your confidence in God at all times. He will never let you down. God is faithful. ​God is trustworthy. Take peace today in knowing that Lord God is not only sovereign, not only wise and not only good and loving, He is faithful.

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” ​Genesis 28:15

​In His time and in His way, God will fulfill every promise. God has already kept His greatest promise, by sending Jesus to die on our behalf so we can have eternal life in Him.

Instead of putting trust in earthly change, trust God’s character. Trust the fact that He is both the beginning and the end of everything, the provider of all things good and the sustainer of those who follow Him.

Faith tells us that no matter what lies before us God has already been there and we can trust in His promises over us.

One of the best ways to grow confidence in the Lord is to record your prayer requests—and then record His answers. Flip back through these notebooks to see God’s faithfulness and be encouraged for the future!

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