God Is So Great, He Does Not Even Need Exist

God has inspired me in my life by showing me that there is more happiness then sadness.

God showed me that through all the pain, there’ll always be 10X more happiness. God has kept my head up and smile bigger. God is great!

​God can and will transform your life… if you let Him. ​​God desires that all of humanity find Jesus, and is changed by the blood that Jesus shed for the remission of mankind’s sins, but through His grace, He leaves that decision up to us.

​Allow God into your life and live by His Word and you will be transformed without a doubt.

SO great is His love for you, it down’t matter what came before. God see your heart not your past and He makes us a new creature through Christ.

​Once you allow Jesus into your heart and accept Him as your lord and savior, you see that every day He works on you to make you what you need to be for Him in this life.

God is your greatest mentor. He is the one that wants to take you and make you.  He wants to make you a great parent, a great leader.

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