God Made A Way For You Before, He Can Do It Again

The same God who has carried you this far will continue to sustain you through any trials you face.

When we look back and really think about God’s faithfulness, we realize that He gave us the strength and the resources to overcome what seemed impossible at the time. In the moment it can be hard to see, but in the long run He always provides a way through.

God may use the support of others. He may bless us with unexpected provisions. He may prompt our spirit to take a risk and follow through with an opportunity despite our doubts.

Either way, God is capable of working in our lives through so many waves to get us exactly where we need to be.

When unexpected things happen in our lives, we have to remember that it was no surprise to God. He sees ahead and has already made a way for us.

Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on our problems and try to solve them in our own strength. But remember, the battle belongs to the Lord. Trust that God has a way that’s better than your own!

Remember, if it looks like there is no way in the natural, trust God to make a way. He’ll part the waters if He has to! He’ll do whatever it takes to lead and guide you in the path of victory that He has prepared for you!

Trust that his same faithfulness will carry you through this year!

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