Grace for Daily Living, By Grace You Have Been Saved Through Faith

God’s grace is so good…we’ll never be able to understand it. He chooses the most unlikely people to use in mighty ways.

We may know and understand that by God’s grace, our sins have been forgiven, but we don’t always understand that we need the same grace for daily living that we needed for our salvation.

Grace is not an excuse to live in sin. We’ve been set free from the ceremonial laws but as Christians we still have moral laws to follow but we can’t do that without God’s grace.

Many times, living a Christian life feels like we are failing. We get frustrated because we want to be what God’s Word instructs us to be, but we feel like we don’t have the power to behave accordingly.

But God’s Word teaches us to live for Jesus in the same way that we received Him—by grace.

We are saved by grace, and we are to live by grace. When we do, we’ll have the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit, and we’ll live the powerful lives God has called us to live.

It’s important to note, Grace means our sin has been forgiven. However, we shouldn’t actively keep sinning knowing we are forgiven. Remember that.

The grace of God provides what we lack: righteousness. This righteousness is what gives the Holy Spirit the ability to dwell in us and usher in the transformation of salvation. And this righteousness is a gift because of grace.

God’s same grace that carried you here will carry you through the days to come.

When you look at the future with fear, remind yourself of how God has been faithful in the past. This is a great reason to write out your prayer requests and God’s answers (with the date!). This provides a tangible record of how God has provided—something to look to as new challenges arise.

Instead of putting trust in earthly change, trust God’s character. Trust the fact that He is both the beginning and the end of everything, the provider of all things good and the sustainer of those who follow Him.

Prayer Starter: Lord, Grace is God’s underserved favor, and it is the power and ability needed for you to do whatever God asks you to do. His grace saves you, and then it carries you successfully through your journey with Him, amen.

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