Million Dollar Garments Made Of Gold Coins In Tokyo

Bling, bling, and more bling………….where is all this blinging leading to? Here’s one more paradigm of the latest trend from the Midas Kingdom.

Take a look at the outfits that were fitted with more than 1,500 Austrian gold coins! Designed by students from a Tokyo design school, Bunka Fashion College, the outfits were shimmering and the models looked like fishes with dazzling golden scales!

The Austrian Mint Office lent the coins, which have a value of almost $1.2 million. They were attached to three articles of clothing, including a full-length dress weighing 22 pounds (10 kg), two coats weighing up to 21 kg, and socks (46 pounds).

More dazzling images follow……

The coins were sewn onto the clothes in a locked room within the college campus, where the teachers kept a constant watch.

“I felt the weight of the task as I sewed on each piece, coin by coin,” said student Yuko Imauji. Yet, if you intend to build one for yourself, then let me tell you that recently, when the dollar fell, gold prices rose to a 28-year high. Spot gold reached its highest price per ounce of $799.30 since January 1980.

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