Mother Cutting the Umbilical Cord

Birth is often done in the night, when no one is around, when all is quiet. The extended family is sleeping, and the neighbors are unaware. Only you and your birth team are present. Some moments are better enjoyed alone.

Even if the mother decided not to cut the cord, once the placenta is delivered, the baby is no longer attached to the mother’s body, even if she tried.

If the cord is still pulsing the blood from baby will drain out fairly quickly.  After birth the blood from the placenta all downloads into the baby within 30 seconds to a few minutes then the cord stops pulsing and the baby needs to breathe on their own.

Sometimes a mother will decide to cut the cord, or the partner or another loved one may do it. No matter who cuts the cord, the procedure is the same. You will be led through it by your birthing team or doula. Keep in mind that the mother and child cannot feel the chord being severed.

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