Prayer Is The Link That Connects Us With God

You can pray anywhere, anytime, about anything. The only thing is, and this is a prerequisite, your prayer has to be sincere. The scripture says that the sincere heartfelt prayer of a believer makes tremendous power available.

Prayer connects us with God’s supernatural strength: strength to face the emotions and circumstances of the day when our own resources are running dry.

To continue in prayer when you’re tired, try the following 3 tips!

Write Down Your Requests

Consider a prayer journal for this! You can write out whole prayers or just requests; it’s up to you. Much like journaling, it will also help you work through the day’s worries.

Follow Jesus’ Model

In Matthew 6, Jesus gives us a model for prayer. Jesus had a thriving prayer life that He diligently prioritized, even at His most exhausted. By looking to Jesus’ model in Matthew 6:9-13, we see how to pray in the way He did.

Check Up on Answers

Each time you get an answer to prayer, write it down and date it! This is a great way to be reminded of God’s faithfulness, which will in turn encourage you to pray!

Prayer and communication with God is a fundamental element that always brings us more peace. Our discussions with the Lord, when we worship and when we read the Bible helps us get to know the Lord in a more intimate way.

But it’s important to remember that prayer isn’t a one-way road. God wants to communicate and to have relationship with you. It’s hard sometimes to be open and willing to receive instruction, and act on it. It can be scary! But God knows what He’s doing and He promises in the Bible that He has good things in store for you. What a loving reminder.

Prayer isn’t to remind God what your problems are. He already knows. Prayer is to remind your problems who GOD is.

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