The Beauty Of Marble Canyon With Colorful Waves In Arizona

Looking for new, unique sights to explore? Then check out the rippling visual splendor, naturally etched in the rocks of Marble Canyon, Arizona. Visitors to the canyon have recounted having a mild case of vertigo due to the wave-like swirls in the rocks that create the impression of sand dunes.

The Wave has a surprising undulating appearance, with gigantic sandstone structures extended like taffy and cinnamon shaded and layered domes. It is, as it was, a nature’s topographical capture on time, an actually shot of the impact that nature has on the planet.

The Wave is composed of Navajo Sandstone domes that have calcified vertically and evenly, transforming into solidified, compacted rocks after some time. The exceptional and peculiar fluctuating layer was made by lethargic breeze and downpour disintegration.

These rocks are a photographer’s paradise since, no matter the time of day or year, one may take some award-winning landscape photos there. Even so, until the 1990s, when largely European tourists began to visit to view the captivating rock formations, The Wave was essentially unknown to tourists.

Despite its sturdy appearance, the rocks are still pretty fragile over time. So, in order to catch a chance to view this majestic sight, you’ll need to obtain a permit to visit. Only 20 persons are permitted to cross the ravine each day. After you arrive, your assigned tour guides will advise you on the necessary safety measures. Online applications for permits are available, or you can try your luck at an on-site lottery if you want to.

Photographers, who are interested in getting an amazing shot of the area should aim to get there during mid-day, when no shadows will ruin the shot of the majestic rocks. Aim to capture some images during dawn or twilight so that you can experiment with light and shadow aspects together with the appealing streaks on the rocks for a more ethereal and dramatic impact.

The possibilities are endless, whether you have a professional interest, or just want to enjoy the sight, you’ll be taken by the wave.

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