The Couple Found Out They Were Expecting Four Babies Just Weeks After Adopting Four Siblings, And They Are Now Parents To Nine

About a year after adopting 4 siblings, a couple in Pennsylvania welcomed 4 more children, bringing their total to 9. When Maxine and Jake Young adopted four siblings they had raised over the years in December 2019, they already had a biological son named Henry.

The couple decided to try for another child after the adoption, but they were in for a shock when Maxine became pregnant four times, growing their family to eleven in just three years. When Jake and Maxine were married in May 2016, they reportedly hoped to conceive an immediate family, according to a GoFundMe website created by Jake’s mother, ArLette Young. Maxine has always envisioned herself as a foster parent and as the head of a huge family with both biological and adopted children, according to ArLette. Jake wholeheartedly concurs and adores the concept of having a house filled with affection and laughter, and even a little chaos!

They have a little bit more love and turmoil than they anticipated, though. On July 28, 2017, the pair finished their training as foster parents and adopted three siblings. The kids were four, two, eleven months, and one month old at the time. They later welcomed a newborn girl as their fourth sibling. According to ArLette, “they were hoping to add a baby to their family the entire time.” Before they were ultimately blessed with their son, Henry, in October 2018, they “had many miscarriages, chemical pregnancies, one round of IVF and IUI,” according to the article. On December 20, 2019, just one year after Henry was born, the couple formally adopted the four siblings they are parenting.

Maxine, who tells her family’s tale on the YouTube site The Family Young Vlogs, told the nearby news station WFMZ that “everything was hectic.” ‘In less than a year, we went from zero to five. After finalizing the adoption, the couple believed their family of seven was complete. However, Maxine found out she was pregnant once more, this time without the use of IVF.

Without using IVF or IUI, which is what we had to do for our kid, I didn’t even think I could become pregnant. Maxine recalled, “I remember messaging [my husband] and saying, “Oh my God.” They soon discover that Maxine has unexpectedly become pregnant four times, thus they are not only expecting one more child but four instead. At 32 weeks pregnant, Maxine delivered birth on July 31. They were born between 8 and 8:02 in the morning, weighing 3 to 4 pounds apiece, and were given the names Silas Ledger, Theo Alexander, Beck Killian, and Cecilia Hudson by their parents.

They all spent time in the NICU, although two of the babies were able to go home this week. It’s crazy, but I don’t think it hit us,” Jake said. Fortunately, they all did a great job and we’re really grateful,” added Maxine.

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