The Couple Welcomed Quintuplets After Facing Infertility Struggles

That was five instead of one. This year’s Christmas will be more memorable for Briana and Jordan Driskell. A Kentucky couple who had struggled with infertility for years welcomed their first children in May. They are currently commemorating their infant’s first Christmas with a sweet photo shoot. Jordan, 26, and Briana have had trouble imagining for more than two years. It was the worst emotional roller coaster Briana had ever experienced. We’ll try to be upbeat at the beginning of the month by saying things like, “That’s it! It will occur this time, at which point it will be time to check, and once more the results will be negative.

The Driskells finally noticed two pink lines following their fifth round of infertility treatment. Every time we try, a baby is born! We were anticipating five-year-olds at the time of their eight-week ultrasound. I can’t even describe how shocked I was. I just sat there in shock, my eyes glued to the television. There are five bags? I can’t believe it. My spouse nearly lost consciousness. Both of our mothers were present when his mother exited the room and twice puked. Five? was all my mother could keep repeating. That was upsetting to the core.

As there is a potential that all of the infants will become pregnant, the DAI expects that the couple chooses carefully. The pair, however, declined. “We believe G has a reason for bringing these kids to us,” she said. Therefore, we have no justification for leaving them. We have entire faith in the sky’s judgment. Briana struggled greatly during her pregnancy. She suffered with terrible morning sickness and ovarian problems. “I dropped 10 pounds, and I was hospitalized for serious dehydration,” she claimed.

That’s not very good. Then, at week 22, right when I was feeling better. The bad news is that my cervix is shortening, which could result in a premature birth. I had to miss the remainder of my pregnancy bed since I was admitted to the hospital right away. For up to 30 weeks, I intend to keep my internal child.

At 28 weeks into Briana’s pregnancy, the group had already been delivered. Gavin Lane, Asher Blaze, Hollyn Grace, Dakota Faith, and Zoey Hart are all born via cesarean section at the University of Kentucky. Zoey, who weighs 1 pound, 13 ounces, is the smallest; Hollyn, who is the largest, is 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Zoey is the group’s funniest baby despite her size. The five kids have now been reunited with their family, over two months after their births. Although Briana admits that having five children makes life challenging, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Jordan, her husband, only took a week off before going back to his regular job of operating a crane.

She does, however, have her mother and nanny’s assistance. There was never a quiet time in the house, Briana claimed. “It was totally wild.” We feed every 30 minutes since you will come back to feed the first baby as soon as the last baby is through eating. The cycle starts over. It resembles an assembly line somewhat. Every day, they pass a lot of bottles.

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