Today I Declare That I Am Happy, Healthy, Wealthy And Blessed In Jesus’ Name

Every morning when you wake up, declare that it is going to be a great day, that you’re excited about your future, you have the favor of God, and no weapon formed against you will prosper. Declare: I am strong. I am healthy. I am blessed. Every time you do that, you’re being filled back up.

When you believe God, you position yourself for a miracle. When you declare His Word, you open the door to His power in your life.

Today, if you are having a hard time believing what God has promised will come to pass, don’t empower doubt with your words. Feed your faith because God is faithful.

God wants to make you stand out. He wants to take you where you’ve never been. All through the day declare, “Lord, I want to thank You that I’m heavy with Your favor. Thank You that You’re causing me to shine, showing me something that I’ve never seen.”

We are the hands and feet of Jesus in the earth. God designed us to reach out and help others, and when we are doing what we are designed to do, we will find fulfillment, joy and peace. Find the blessing in being a blessing!

Today, I bless you and pray that God will richly reward your diligent efforts at work and with your family. May everything you set your hand to prosper and succeed in Jesus’ name!

I want to encourage you today to write your prayers down. Stay focused in faith until you see the promise come to pass. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself that God is working in your life even when you can’t see it!

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