Two-Year-Old Girl Dressed in Newborn Size Due to Rare Form of Dwarfism

A two-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism weighed just 7 lbs. and required baby-size clothing. Abigail Lee of Louisiana is a rare case of Microcephaly Type II Primary Dwarfism, which will result in her growing to a height of just approximately 24 inches. Abigail’s mother, 25-year-old Emily Lee, first noticed that her daughter wasn’t developing normally when she was pregnant. Abigail was born via caesarean section and weighed only 2 pounds, 9 ounces. Abigail is increasing 2 grams per day from 1 ounce, so she will still weigh 7 pounds on her birthday. When she is old enough to tell me that she doesn’t want to wear underwear any longer since she only fits in baby clothes, I’m not sure what we’ll do.

She eats regularly, but because to her height, she cannot perform many of the activities that a two-year-old could. Her toys are far superior than those of children her age. The table and chairs she has put up for her Barbies are available for her use. Mom Abigail claimed that she was constantly three weeks behind in her development while I was pregnant. At 36 weeks pregnant, I had a cesarean section, and she was immediately taken to intensive care. Despite being small, she nonetheless functions normally and breathes and feeds regularly. We were unaware of this dwarfism at the time and had no idea what it was. I spent months looking for someone who had been through the same thing and could help.

Abigail wasn’t officially diagnosed until she was 8 weeks old, even though her parents knew she was growing significantly slower than usual. During that time, Abigail was hospitalized but she was finally allowed to return home with her mother, Bryan, 25, and sister Samantha, 4.

She is healthy but she has complications because she was born with a dislocated hip and she cannot walk but she can crawl and she is in therapy. And she also has very poor eyesight so we had a hard time finding the right glasses for her

Because Samantha is aware that her sister requires more assistance, it might be challenging to strike a balance between a kid with special needs and a child who has none. Fortunately, though, our oldest daughter always adores and supports her. Play with e all the time. We are content to have children in our lives no matter what. Parents will work more if their kids are happy and healthy.


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