We Are Heading Into A New Month, Take Jesus With You

You are loved more than you will ever know. Jesus has a wonderful and great plan for your life. I feel like this needs to be shared to someone out there who feels sad, suicidal or depressed. This message is for you: hang on because God is with you. You will come out Stronger. Take it day by day. God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers I believe. I’m praying for you.

Every negative thought or attitude may now be put aside and your trust surrendered to God who holds your tomorrow! The future as you imagine it has not yet occurred, so be present to God in the right now and thank him for being with you!

Jesus is what you need in every situation, moment by moment and day by day! God will not disappoint you. He will not fail you.

Prayer: GRACIOUS heavenly father, we come before your throne this morning to give honour and thanks for seeing us through the night into this beautiful Friday. Father, You have wake us up because of your love and mercy upon us. As we start our day, May your love, favour and protection be upon us.

Give us wisdom to manage the day and heal our land. We pray with thanksgiving in our hearts.

Dear God, I come before you today with a grateful heart. Thank you for this beautiful day at the same time, thank  you for protecting me throughout the month of June.

Thank you for all the blessing that You’re given me. It is by your kindness and grace that enables us to make through it each day. We are now ready to face this new month Lord, and we pray this month will be filled with favors, opportunities, breakthroughs, healing, and blessings.

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