When You’re Broke, GOD PROVIDES! When You’re Lost, GOD LEADS! When You Ask, GOD ANSWERS! When You Believe, GOD WORKS!

When You’re Broke, GOD PROVIDES! God provides a continual renewal place for all who desire to be His. You’re invited to make God your safe haven. Even when everything around us is uncertain, we can trust in God’s unchanging love.

He has promised to provide for us, to care for us and to watch over us. And if He provides for something as insignificant as a sparrow or a lily (Matthew 6), we can know He will also provide for us.

When you look at the future with fear, remind yourself of how God has been faithful in the past. This is a great reason to write out your prayer requests and God’s answers (with the date!). This provides a tangible record of how God has provided—something to look to as new challenges arise.

When You’re Lost, GOD LEADS! Trust that God is your Heavenly Father and has good plans for you.

How we remain patient as we grow through our journey is by trusting God, walking in the spirit and knowing that God’s promises are yes and amen in Christ. God is a covenant-keeping God and He keeps His promises.

When You Ask, GOD ANSWERS! God answers prayers, so keep track of His answers (even if the answers are “no” and “not right now”) because you can look back and see Him working!

He will lead you on the right path if you are seeking Him regularly. God wants us in constant communication with Him. If it’s from Him, you will find the strength to do what you need to do to make it happen!

When You Believe, GOD WORKS! Today, trust God when he says who you are. Trust that you are His. Stand guard against doubt and walk in faith that God knows your path, and that before you were even born, He knew your identity, He chose you and He loved you from the very start. No matter how you feel, this truth never changes.

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