You Have Made It To The Close Of The Sixth Month Of 2022, God Has Been Good To You

You have made it to the close of the sixth month of 2022. God has been good to you. Maybe you have not seen the things you’ve prayed for manifest yet. Don’t be discouraged, and lose your Faith.

When you just can’t find the words to pray, God still hears your heart. ​God hears every word you say, so He must then hear every prayer!

Today rest in the peace of knowing that when you pray and trust He hears you and is faithful to provide a way with your best in mind. He cares for you with perfect love and all the details of your life in His hands.

There’s no need to dig up the seeds you planted in faith. When you give your whole heart and soul to God in prayer, go ahead with courage in this world and by the power of God behind you- anything is possible.

Your faith is your evidence of what you prayed for but don’t yet see with your natural eye. The operative word is yet. You received it when you prayed remember. So count the testing of your Faith joy. You will reap if you don’t quit.

Remember God is not a man, he doesn’t lie. He says what he means, and means what he said. He said it is finished. Hold on to the Covenant, and don’t let go. Choose to believe. Your suddenly may be today.

God always completes what He starts. Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith. Trust that He is at work because He’s not through with you yet.

God always hears us when we call. Know that when you call, the answer is on the way. Through faith and patience, you will see it!

Keep demonstrating your faith through your obedience to act on the Covenant. Leave the rest in his hands. See you soon.

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