You Have To Believe That God Is With You, And That Whatever He Wants You To Do, You’ll Be Able To Do

God is saying, ‘Be strong and courageous. The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.’  Don’t fight people, fight fear and discouragement. Everyone faces challenges and difficulties in life. If you are going through a valley today, know that you are not alone. God is with you!

He has something for you, and He wants to do something in you. As long as you have breath, you have a purpose. God is not finished with you, and He will complete the work He’s begun in you!

God is more powerful than any opposition you face. Trust Him with your dreams, plans, challenges and cares. He has a plan, and He is willing and able to fight for you!

When your power ends, God’s power is only beginning. When you’re weak, that’s when He is strong in you! Rise up in faith and hope because God is at work in you.

There are moments in life when it looks like the doors of healing, abundance, freedom have been shut for us. But, keep believing because God is your door keeper and He will open them at the right time.

“The Lord wants to remind you today that you are never alone. At times you may feel lonely, or as if no one cares about you, but that is not true. God is never more than one thought away. You can be instantly in His presence by simply remembering and believing His promise to be with you everywhere you go.

Today, no matter what comes against you, remember God is always for you! Stay in step with Him because He will lead you into blessing.

Whether you are facing a significant, weighty situation or something more minor, if you don’t know what to do, my advice is the same: Tell God you don’t know what to do, but that you will keep your eyes on Him because you know He does have the answer and will guide you.

Prayer Starter: Lord, thank You that You have overcome the world. I will be confident today, through any trial.

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