You’ve Been Made In The Image of God

The Scripture says, “You’ve been made in the image of God.” He made you talented, beautiful, smart, confident. You are fully equipped for the purpose He’s laid out for you. But the trick of the enemy is to distort your self-image. He doesn’t want you to see yourself the way you really are.

You were created in His image. He didn’t make any mistakes. You didn’t get shortchanged. He wasn’t having a bad day when He made you. He knew every fault you would have; He knew the areas you would struggle in. Quit beating yourself up, living unworthy. Receive His mercy and move forward with your life. You have the talent you need; you are well able to reach your destiny.

The Psalmist said, “You’ve been fearfully and wonderfully made.” But when you look at that mirror, you’ll see all your flaws, everything you don’t like will be exaggerated. You’ve been forgiven, redeemed. The past is over, but when you look in that mirror, you’ll see all your mistakes, failures, times you didn’t measure up. Looking back at you is a guilty, unworthy, undeserving person. It’s a distorted mirror.

You’ve been through disappointments, setbacks. Life hasn’t treated you fair. That distorted mirror will come up. You’ll see yourself defeated, at a disadvantage, nothing good in your future. The truth is God has beauty for those ashes. What was meant for your harm, He’s turning to your advantage.

We think God is focused on all of our faults, our shortcomings, but God sees all the good things in you. He sees your heart to help others. He sees your sincerity, your kindness, your courage. God is proud of you. He made you in His own image; He calls you a masterpiece. Just because you’re struggling, it doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. We all go through tests, seasons we don’t understand.

As you see yourself the way God sees you, it begins to heal damaged self-images. His Word will repair the hurts, the scars, the unfair things that have caused you to see yourself as lacking, inferior, unqualified. Keep this right mirror in front of you. It may not happen overnight, but if you keep seeing yourself the right way, little by little, you’re changing. You’re going to become what you’re seeing.

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